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ESA's Solar Energetic Particle Environment Modelling (SEPEM) application server is a WWW interface to solar energetic particle data and a range of modelling tools and functionalities intended to support space mission design.

Use of SEPEM is free of charge, but registration is required and can be done from the homepage using the link at the bottom of the left-hand menu. For further information please contact Norma.Crosby@aeronomie.be.

Please consult the server usage help page before registering for an account: registration implies acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined there.

The SEPEM server provides a variety of help pages, including background material, system help and information on data sources and data processing. All help pages can be reached using the links in the right-hand menu of the main window.

The site map provides a table of contents for the models and tools implemented on the system. The Context help link points to a help page for the model or tool page currently active in the main window, as well as the icon at the top of each page. Please consult these pages before using the system!

Note: unless specified otherwise, times are expressed in UTC.

Last modified on: 5 December 2018.