Median filtering

On this page, a median filter can be applied to a data channel of a data table in order to smooth the data.

Median filtering is performed by sliding a window (an interval of a number of consecutive data points) over the data time series. For each time window, the central value of the interval is replaced by the median value in the interval: the middle value of the interval after sorting the values in the interval in ascending order.

Table and channel selection

Selecting a data table will reload the page with additional selection and input options. Median filtering can only be applied to data tables created by the current user.

Next, select a data channel and the interval half width n (each data window will consist of the n values before and after the central data point).

Then, press the Run button to start the filtering process. The values of the selected channel will be replaced in the database by the smoothed values.

Caution: this operation is irreversible!

Last modified on: 13 April 2017.